Nocturnal Creature

About elyon


It all started when...

I was approached by one of my good friends during my sophomore year in high school. He introduced me to a program called “Fruity Loops Studio” and suggested I should try making music with it. I began to invest hours and hours into learning about the program and experimenting with different digital instruments and effects. I started out by making techno / trance music. I remember adding new creations into my phone and sharing it with my community. Every time I shared my music, people would always respond with positive feedback and that got me into making music.

One day, I was having a conversation about anime with a friend from church. I asked him to suggest me some anime to watch at home. After a long time of thinking, he suggested I should give the title “Samurai Champloo” a shot. When I started watching it, I remember being completely blown away. Beautiful story line, breathtaking visuals, convincing voice actors -- it had everything. While everything was good, what caught my attention the most, of course, was the original sound tracks that the series used. This was my first time encountering the beautiful music of Nujabes. With him as my inspiration, I began to produce hip-hop instrumental beats with jazz elements. I fell in love with the art and the culture of hip-hop.

After a few months of producing beats, I decided to take my hobby of producing a bit further. I wanted to share my creation with not just my community of friends, but with the world. I decided that I needed a musical alias for myself. After a handful of days spending to figure out an alias, I decided to call myself “Elyonbeats.” The name “Elyon” comes from the Hebrew phrase “El Elyon,” which translates to “God at most High.” As someone who loves and follows God, I wanted to dedicate my music to Him. With the meaning of “I make music for the most high,” therefore I gave myself the name, Elyonbeats. 

I have been making music since 2011. Over the years, my styles have changed multiple times. Some time in 2014, I've completely stopped sampling and challenged myself to take my musicianship to the next level. I have been composing original pieces ever since... expressing my emotions, inner joy, inner frustration, brokenness, revival, darkness, light, everything, in the form of music. I create music for the broken people of this world: people who are struggling with brokenness, seeking comfort, love, peace, and acceptance. My mission is to help them see the powerful love of Christ through my music. My mission is to help build, heal, and love, anyone who are lost in darkness. So, if you need a helping hand, come with me... as a Nocturnal Creature, I know my way around darkness. 

God bless and one love.

- Elyon